The Future of Event is Virtual — and Modak’s the Place to Be!

3 min readMar 4, 2024


Modak is the future for more engaging and meaningful online interactions.

Meeting people face-to-face is fun. But unfortunately, the limitations of in-person events render them undesirable for many people. Online events, on the other hand, are easily accessible. But their problem lies in keeping people engaged for the entire duration of the event. Many people get bored easily and log out way before the event’s conclusion.

So if both modes (online and in-person) are currently lacking essential qualities required for a successful event, what mode should a company or individual go with? That’s what we’re here to find out today. Keep on reading to get your answer.

The Problem With Events Today

In-person conferences and trade shows certainly enable networking. However, they pose challenges that are hard to ignore like venue rental, travel, and accommodation costs — all of which restrict audience sizes. Furthermore, people who can attend may only interact with a subset of attendees in an artificial setting.

On the other hand, virtual alternatives aimed at wider viewership often fall flat. Without compelling interactive features, virtual participants easily lose interest and tune out. In both cases, forging meaningful connections proves a difficult task.

Enter Modak: A New Vision for More Engagement

Modak provides solutions uniquely suited to digital events. Their Campfire spaces allow audiences to mingle in intimate video chat rooms centered on shared interests. The friendly UI transports users together into engaging virtual venues with a cozy environment. People can have meaningful talks and develop life-long relationships in such environments.

What’s more, Modak runs on a speak-to-earn model that incentivizes attendees to actively participate via rewards scaled for contribution quality. Basically, you are rewarded with Modak’s native tokens for your contributions to the community. So in a way, you get paid to do what you’re already doing on the internet: chat with like-minded people.

Together these capabilities enable conferences, workshops, meetups and more to connect authentically through Modak.

Modak Is Transforming Industries Nationwide

Modak holds immense potential to transform events across sectors. For instance, associations can host large yet interactive annual conferences at a fraction of the price. HR can facilitate team workshops globally without coordinating logistics or transit. Educators can level up digital instruction using gamified rewards to motivate students.

The applications span to all industries, limited only by imagination. Wherever groups want to foster community online, Modak provides the vehicle to drive participation.

Pioneering the Future of Web3 Events

As a leading pioneer in digital engagement, Modak lights the way for organizations to thrive virtually. The feature-rich platform powers the next generation of events to engage audiences across distances like never before. The future is bright for meaningful human connections innately compatible with our online lives. Modak makes enjoying that future a reality today.




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