Referral for Modak is Open🔥

2 min readMar 14, 2024


Invite your friends, get $WOOD, and enjoy Modak together!

The wait is over. We’re thrilled to announce that Modak rolled out a Referral feature!

When your friend sign up with your Modak referral link, you and your friend can get referral bonus of 2.5 $WOOD each.

New to Modak? Check out our user guide👇

Ways to get $WOOD rewards:

1. Daily check-in bonus (1 $WOOD/day)

2. Video calls

3. Referral (new 🔥)

🚨 [important] Regardless of activities, all $WOOD rewards are rewarded the next day (we follow UTC time)

Note for iOS users

for smoother use, make sure to turn OFF the ‘block Pop-ups’ on Safari

Otherwise, you won’t be able to access rewards/referral/other features.

How to get referral link & invite your friends

Just follow these 4-step instruction shown below!

How to find your wallet ID

Click on the copy icon next to the blue clip to see your Modak wallet address.

Simple trick: your referral link is your wallet address followed by wallet id)

Join Modak now

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