The Perks of Shifting In-person Events to Virtual Meetings

2 min readMar 8, 2024


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After the COVID pandemic, many conferences and trade shows are now resuming in-person. People are gathering around at different venues and networking with their peers throughout the globe. But just because things have returned to normal doesn’t mean that virtual events are once again becoming irrelevant. Actually, the opposite is happening.

Virtual events continue growing at a rapid pace thanks to their value for networking and career growth. They provide unparalleled accessibility, scalability, flexibility, and affordability. Modak specifically empowers impactful connections through innovative features tailored for the digital space.

Why Virtual Events Excel

Without geographic restrictions, virtual events expand access to more participants globally. Digital formats scale seamlessly to accommodate growing audiences. Attendees enjoy flexibility to join remotely as schedules allow. Venue and travel costs disappear, enabling affordability. That’s why virtual events are slowly but surely becoming the desired choice for meaningful professional networking.

Power of Networking

Skeptics may view attending events primarily for networking as overly transactional. However, purposeful relationship-building mutually benefits both parties. Because data show that nearly 80% of new opportunities stem from expanded personal networks rather than cold contacts.

Investing time to nurture connections online creates value including insight sharing, elevated visibility, referrals, and mentorship.

Modak Facilitates an Ideal Environment for Networking

Modak pioneers online networking via group video chat spaces to foster bonds. Their campfire* rooms centered on industry topics drive organic conversations in a cozy environment where people can open up and have meaningful conversations that get the wheel rolling.

*check out campfire here👇

Modak also has a menu that outlines participant profiles and interests to simplify outreach. People can use this menu to find out exactly who to invite and who to leave out of their chats. Furthermore, Modak also has an upcoming feature called coffee chats which will connect members for more intimate 1-on-1 networking.

The combination of these features puts Modak as a frontrunner in facilitating meaningful conversations online. Modak’s environment is ideal for networking and career growth.

Global Reach, Diversity in Perspective

With users worldwide, Modak conversations incorporate diverse cultural lenses to enrich dialogue. Virtual collaboration on global projects thrives with readily available, multinational expertise. The platform is full of people from all sorts of industries from every nook and corner of the world. Whatever type of people you’re looking for, you can rest assured you will find your bunch on Modak.

Wrapping Up

Modak is a great tool for networking. Although the project is yet to become a mainstream hit, it checks all the boxes for major success. So if you haven’t already, you should join Modak’s rapidly growing community to take your career connections to the next level!




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