Speak to Earn — Redefining Social Interaction Through Rewards

3 min readNov 27, 2023

Share insights and earn by enjoying video chat at Modak

In a world full of noise and distraction, meaningful communication can be hard to find. We are constantly bombarded with information and notifications, making it difficult to have quality conversations. This is why a new platform called Modak aims to incentivize more meaningful dialogue online through a speak to earn model.


  • Modak is a new social media platform that aims to incentivize meaningful conversations through a “speak to earn” model.
  • Modak uses a peer reputation system to promote high-quality conversations.
  • The platform uses its own currency $WOOD to reward and encourage users.
  • Modak is still under development, but it has the potential to be a refreshing alternative to the current social media landscape.

Many of you might be wondering, what exactly is “speak to earn”?

It’s not simply a system where the more you speak, the more you earn. The founders of Modak wanted to build something driven by a different set of principles.

First and foremost, they aim to host conversations that people actually want to participate in, not just long-winded monologues.

Modak is planing to design and implement a community based peer-rating system — activities that receive positive reviews and engagement will be featured more prominently.

The goal is to allow users to earn while having interesting discussions on topics they care about, not by talking endlessly into a void. So if you’ve been looking for thoughtful, balanced dialogue online, Modak presents an intriguing alternative to the current social media landscape.

Effortless Onboarding: Embark on Your Modak Journey with Ease

One of the core principles behind Modak is ease of use. Getting started is as simple as connecting your crypto wallet to sign up and log in. Within minutes, you can begin video chatting with others in the community. But Modak aims to be more than just other video conferencing platforms out there — it wants to facilitate not only conversation, but meaningful connections.

Nurturing Meaningful Connections: Fostering Thoughtful Dialogue on Modak

While the world grows increasingly interconnected through the internet, human bonds aren’t strengthening at the same pace. Modak seeks to change that through an incentives system focused on enjoyment. Users will earn rewards by participating in constructive conversations on subjects they feel passionate about. People who have valuable insights will be encouraged to speak up because the more they contribute, the more they will be rewarded.

Recognizing Real Value: Rewarding Contributions that Enrich the Modak Community

Modak utilizes its own currency — $WOOD token — to encourage good faith participation. After enjoying video chats and contributing to the community, you’ll earn $WOOD to use within the community. You can tip peers who contributed value, donate to causes you support, or gift it to friends. This system enables genuine contributions to be acknowledged. Although rewards systems can sometimes be gamed, Modak believes using $WOOD to spotlight real merit will organically improve the community’s health.

Wrapping Up

Join the Modak Experiment in Social Networking

Modak’s journey is just beginning. As the DAO matures, the foundations for positive engagement will only go stronger. If you seek a refreshing alternative to the current social media landscape, one centered on video chat, that fosters meaningful connections and rewards genuine contributions, then Modak extends an invitation you won’t want to miss. Join the Modak community today and experience the power of purposeful dialogue and authentic connections.




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